Monday, January 26, 2009

I'll call you back tomorrow, maybe.

I have been talking to this guy my friend electronically introduced me to for about 4 weeks now and we are supposed to be meeting next weekend half-way. We have really enjoyed getting to know one another the past few weeks and were excited to meet. He is too cute. Well, as of last night, I had not heard from him since Wednesday! 5 days. I am the advocate for the book, "He's Just Not That Into You" and know how to read signs. However, I keep trying to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. I had broken my own rules (yes I know this is a no-no), and texted him on Saturday night asking what the deal is for next weekend, because I am a busy girl and need to plan! No response. I saw him on FB chat that night, so I knew he had gotten my text. Okay, player. Okay... I see what's going on here.

Sunday night, I get a call form him at 8:00. I did not answer and let it ride to voicemail. I did listen to his message which consisted of a "what's up? just checking in... wanting to talk about next weekend.".... blah blah. Did I call him back? No. He can wait just like he made me wait five days. I might call him back tonight... and that's a big might. I hate the GAME! But, I have no choice right now but to play.

On a side note... my ex-boyfriend decided to let me know he has found someone knew. Why he chose to text me this news this morning, I have no clue. Trying to make me jealous? Possibly. However, it did not work. I did not respond, and I think that said the biggest statement of all.


RachelAnn said...

That's so good of you not to respond. That's my big problem, when my ex acts like a jerk and texts me stuff to piss me off I always get so mad I end up responding and getting in a fight. Men!

BRD said...

Boys are such a pain sometimes. Ok, most of the time. I have been there and feel your frustration.